Founder's Story

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Founder's Story

To judge if a house is good or not, knowing the person who developed it

In 1973, President Lee used a broken door from a construction site to draw his dreams. He did not take bribes and either spent time at work party, which gained the trust from contractors and customers. He started his business from zero, with his passion on buildings, credibility and good personal connections, and now became the leader of the real estate business in Taiwan.

Construction is an ethical business

A simple persistence is indeed most difficult. President Lee cherishes the time-honored reputation and is very proud of it. He said “Construction is an ethical business. Some details are difficult to be found but as a constructor, we can always do the best.” Without the exaggerate promotion, Chong Hong notices every detail and try to satisfy the need of every customer. The integrity for 50 years by Chong Hong also touches everyone who knows Chong Hong.

Chairman's Message

Looking back at my life, I was the worse student then became the class leader; I came from the poorest family and strive to be the millionaire; I was brought up in a single-parent family and then built my own family with many offsprings. Some
people may think that I would be content, and enjoy the life; however, I am still dil- igent, local, in love with Taiwan, constructing, and cultivating in Taiwan. My whole
family roots in Taiwan. I think this is the so-called ”Taiwanese spirit” !